Ethos and Philosophy

Fundamental Value

The fundamental value that distinguishes our school is that we believe:

School should inspire and nurture and promote academic excellence. It should demand more from students than what they or their parents think they are able to give. Toward this end, teachers should motivate students to help them reach their fullest potential to prepare them for life.

It is our aspiration and endeavor that each Acaciawood Preparatory Academy graduate be a person of character, an accomplished learner, a productive worker, and a responsible citizen. Join us in this aspiration and endeavor.

Vision Statement

Our vision is that students graduating from Acaciawood Prep will be independent learners, responsible and involved members of society, able to set and attain personal goals of excellence, confident to embrace life’s challenges, commitments, and conditions, inspired to love the Lord, and equipped with the character to follow and serve Him with diligence and faithfulness.

Philosophy Statement

Acaciawood Prep is a unique college preparatory academy which utilizes a demanding academic curriculum designed to establish higher order thinking skills in the humanities and sciences in order to build strong character.

Our motto, “Strong in Character, High in Standard,” best expresses the philosophy of Acaciawood Prep. We believe that a strong character is the foundation for all lasting human success and accomplishment. Character developed through systematic inspiration, training, and teaching motivates and equips students to set high goals and attain them. As the setting for character training we maintain a high standard of excellence in all school-related areas. However, academic rigor is our primary tool for building character. This rigor produces diligence, goal attainment, responsibility, and a high work ethic. Our program achieves our purposes of college preparation and development of our students’ God-given humanity.

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