Yearbook Club

The Yearbook Club produces the school’s annual yearbook to chronicle the major events of the school year at Acaciawood. Throughout the year a team of student photographers takes pictures of school life and activities. In the fall the editorial staff comes up with a plan for the yearbook, including the theme, the organization, and the cover design. From October to April teams of students work together to plan and develop the various sections of the yearbook.

Students working on the yearbook develop planning, organization, and teamwork skills. The editorial staff must also apply project and staff management skills to keep the project on track to meet the printer’s deadlines. Students participating in the development of the yearbook learn to be accountable to others for completion of their assigned responsibilities.

Student also have the opportunity to develop and apply skills in photography, layout, copy writing, and copy editing. Layout and page assembly are performed using computerized software. When the yearbooks are distributed at the end of the school year, those students who participated in developing it can take pride in producing a high quality product that will remind students of their experiences and the companionships they formed at Acaciawood for many years to come.

The Yearbook Club is open to students in the senior high school. Photographers are assigned to cover particular events during the school year. The planning, design, layout, copy writing, copy editing, and page assembly work is mostly done in sessions after school.

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