Multimedia Publishing Club (MPC)

The Multimedia Publishing Club (MPC) creates multimedia presentations from video recordings of school events. It also provides technical assistance for special events. The main video project for the MPC throughout the year is the creation of volleyball and basketball videos as records of the teams’ seasons. Throughout the volleyball and basketball seasons, the MPC members record the games. From these recordings, the MPC members using video editing software to create videos for sale to interested parties, including the players, students, parents, etc. The MPC also provides assistance as light, sound, and camera technicians for the annual talent show, elementary music programs, awards ceremonies, and graduation.

At each event members work on different tasks. For videos, members are placed on a rotation to record a certain number of events or games. Each member must go through a training process in cutting and editing videos. In special events, the members will learn how to set up a stage through the eyes of a light and sound technician.

The skills learned in MPC supplement the academic program at Acaciawood School. Students learn useful skills that are not part of the standard academic curriculum. Instead, students learn to execute major projects that result in the production of audio and video programs to be presented to mass audiences. In doing so, students participating in MPC develop organizational and teamwork skills.

The MPC is open to all Junior High and High School students. Each MPC member will be learn how to become camera, lighting, and sound technicians. Members also learn audio and video editing.

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