Community Service Club

The Community Service Club is a group established by the students at Acaciawood in 2003 to carry out philanthropic activities in the community. The club is open to all high school students. Each individual in the club is expected to devote three hours per month to community service activities.

The club has four officers: President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer. They are elected by the previous year’s President and three selected faculty members. The officers are given the responsibility to:

  • Organize philanthropic projects;
  • Raise money for the club’s activities;
  • Record the hours spent by members of the club on philanthropic activities; and
  • Instill in the club’s membership an interest and passion to serve the community.

One of the club’s main goals is directly aligned with the Acaciawood motto: “Strong in Character, High in Standard.” By exposing members to unfamiliar environments, particularly to settings in which the students meet people less fortunate than themselves, the club members develop a sense of the importance of rendering service to all members of the community. In recent years projects have included visiting and assisting at children’s and homeless shelters, delivering food to local food banks, visiting senior citizen homes, working at a children’s orphanage in Mexico, writing letters to the families of 9/11 victims, supporting relief efforts for tsunami victims, distributing brochures offering free Bibles, and assisting a Christian ministry to prepare mailers.

Recently the club adopted a new approach in which each member dedicates himself to two community service projects at the beginning of the year. In this way students develop a sense of ownership in the success of the project and feel a sense of achievement when it is successfully completed.

The Community Service Club is not only about completion of projects to serve the community. It is also about shaping, molding, and developing members into persons that have a genuine concern for their fellow man. They also develop project planning, leadership, and tracking skills.

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