AGATE Society

Agates are stones that have undergone metamorphosis to become semi-precious stones by the continual polishing action of the environment. At Acaciawood School, AGATE is our honor society for junior and senior high students who have been “polished” through hard work and demonstrate a high standard and strong character in their work ethic related to their schoolwork. AGATE is an acronym which stands for Aim toward a Goal and Achieve it through Toil and Effort. AGATE Society members are students who exemplify the school motto of “Strong in Character, High in Standard” in their behavior as students. This behavior includes, but is not limited to consistent class participation, positive attitude, teacher and peer respect, homework completion in a timely and quality manner, good classroom conduct, effort to do his/her best, and endurance to excel.

Recognition for membership in AGATE rewards students based on character, not on academic achievements. A “C” student may be a member of AGATE, while an “A” student may not because the “C” student is demonstrating more of the character traits consistent with AGATE Society membership.

Selection for AGATE requires strict adherence to the Ethics Contract and positive teacher recommendations. Achievement of specific goals as determined by the teacher and agreed upon by the student can aid in the receiving of positive recommendations. Teachers indicate the AGATE status for their students who are showing character problems on their mid-quarter progress reports. At the end of each quarter, the AGATE status is evaluated for each student by the entire faculty during a faculty meeting. One hundred percent faculty concurrence is required for induction into AGATE. The AGATE status is shown on the grade report, and membership in AGATE must be earned each quarter. AGATE Society members are recognized at school assemblies, and the school takes them on special outings in appreciation for their hard work that enhances school morale.

Junior AGATE Society

The Junior AGATE Society is for students in the 2nd through 6th grades. The criteria for membership in Junior AGATE is similar to the criteria for AGATE, but also includes effort grades received in all areas of the report card, which includes work habits, PE, music, etc. Effort grades are an evaluation based upon the teacher’s assessment of the student relative to his/her character and work ethic. They are numerically graded as follows: 1-4 = Unsatisfactory (performing below expectations); 5-7 = Satisfactory (performing as expected); 8-9 = Superior (performing beyond expectations).

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