Student Organization

The student organizations at Acaciawood Prep allow students to develop a wide variety of skills and interests. The following student organizations are currently active:

Associated Student Club (ASC)

The student government organization at Acaciawood, the Associated Student Club (ASC), is involved in many projects to improve the school. It provides students an opportunity to learn leadership skills, strengthen and develop their character, and gain experience in peer leadership and the electoral process. Student government is intended to cultivate initiative and responsibility among the Acaciawood students.

AGATE Society

AGATE Society is the Acaciawood honor society for all high school and junior high students. The Junior AGATE society is an honor society for elementary school students. AGATE stands for “Aim towards a high Goal and Achieve it through Toil and Effort.” Since a major focus of the school is character, membership in AGATE is based on effort rather than grades through a quarterly evaluation of each student by the entire staff based on defined criteria.

Astronomy Club

Explore the night sky with portable telescopes, learn about planets, stars, blackholes, galaxies and the Universe!  Members of the club share an interest and awe in the beauty of the Universe. 

Community Service Club

The Community Service Club performs a wide range of philanthropic activities, including visiting and serving at senior citizen homes, children’s shelters, orphanages and the like in locations throughout Orange County and even as far away as Tijuana, Mexico.

Chess Club

The Chess Club at Acaciawood Prep. is a great place for students to learn, play and improve their chess game.  Tournaments are held throughout the year.

Yearbook Club

The Yearbook Club produces the annual yearbook for the school. This is a large scale project that develops students capabilities in the areas of project planning and management, photography, and graphic design, among other skills.

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