First Place 2001 National History Day Competition

"This was our winning entry for the 2001 National History Day competition (senior group documentary) in College Park, Maryland. The theme for that year was "Frontiers in History," and we chose to research and present the Nuremberg trials. Our group consisted of Ryan Pester, Walter Liau, and Andrew Miller, of Acaciawood School in Anaheim, California.

Thanks to our families and teachers for their support in making this video. Even more thanks to the many Holocaust survivors, Nuremberg Trials participants, and other experts that we interviewed!

Otto Kranzb├╝hler (whose telephone interview clip appears in the video) passed away in 2004, Drexel Sprecher in 2006, and Leon Leyson in 2013. It was an honor to speak with these men while they were still alive."

- Ryan Pester, Walter Liau, and Andrew Miller

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