Acaciawood's Dress Code

Standardized dress helps maintain respect for one another and the learning environment, and raises the level of decorum in the classroom.

  1. General
    1. The dress code is in effect for all students while they are on campus.
    2. No cosmetics, including nail polish, or jewelry may be worn. Jewelry will be confiscated and not returned.
    3. Hats are not to be worn or brought to campus without the express consent from faculty or staff for field trips or off campus activities.
    4. Only uniform sweaters, sweat shirts, and jackets may be worn to school as outerwear. Please refer to the School Uniform Handout for more detail and Upper School Girl’s Skirt Ordering Information.
    5. Hair coloring, tinting, or highlighting will not be allowed. Students will be required to recolor their hair to its natural color until natural hair growth restores the original natural color.
  2. Guidelines for Girls
    1. Uniforms include khaki skirts worn at the waist and Acaciawood polo shirt (tucked in). Above the ankle plain white or khaki socks, knee high nylons or hose with black or brown dress shoes with no open toe, heel, or sides. No heel higher than one inch. No canvas, sneakers, boots, or above ankle shoes.
    2. No hair styles that are distracting or exemplify an attitude of rebellion.
    3. Belts must be worn with new skirts.
  3. Guidelines for Boys
    1. Uniform attire consists of khaki corduroy pants worn at the waist (properly fitted), a length-appropriate brown or black belt, Acaciawood polo shirt (tucked in), and black or brown dress shoes. No platform, canvas, sneakers, boots, or above the ankle shoes. Belts must be visible.
    2. Hair is to be neatly trimmed and may not extend over the ears over the collar. No hair styles that express or exemplify an attitude of rebellion or inappropriate life style.
    3. Facial hair of all boys must be clean shaven. Sideburns may extend no lower than the middle of the ear.
    4. Only white t-shirts may be worn under polo shirts.
  4. PE Uniforms - The only authorized PE uniforms include green shorts with school log and Acaciawood t-shirts. In special cases, the school may authorize the use of specific t-shirts (i.e., NHD).
  5. Sports Program Uniforms
    1. PE uniform shorts and t-shirts authorized by the coaches
    2. Acaciawood School sports jersey
  6. Violations
    1. Failure to comply with dress standards will be addressed with the individual offender. In most instances the offender will be required to return home or have a parent supply the appropriate clothing. Parents are responsible to insure proper dress code compliance.
    2. Three (3) dress code violations will result in a detention, and may include other disciplinary
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