Parent Support Group - Fundraising and Other Venues

Elementary School Annual Jogathon

This is an annual fundraiser which is typically held in November. The students collect donations and jog to help support AWS Elementary School enrichment programs and educational materials. PSG officers help facilitate the event and provide water and snacks for the children.

Training Concession Stand

This is a twice-yearly fundraiser held during the summer and winter trainings. Parents and students help prepare and sell concessions during the trainings. PSG members help coordinate volunteers for the event.

AWS Summer School ~ English Language Camps

This is an annual fundraiser held in the summer. Acaciawood School offers intensive English Language camps for overseas students ages 10-15. The camp is held for 4 weeks (mid-July through mid- August). AWS families are encouraged to "host" the students and are paid a nominal fee for hosting.

Recycling Program

Four Parents are asked to alternate weekly times of picking up the recycling items at AWS and taking them to a recycling facility to collect additional money for AWS.

Acaciawood School Wide Garage Sale

A school wide event in which families and friends donate used items to be sold at a school wide garage sale.


Various grants are available from local and regional companies. AWS parents are encouraged to coordinate with the PSG to apply for any grants in which Acaciawood meets the criteria. If you would like to help write or pursue grants, please contact the PSG officers.

Merit Certificates

Merit certificates are available from some local restaurants. PSG members help facilitate (through one point person) obtaining the certificates. Examples of Merit certificates are Island's "Golden Pineapple Award" (receive a free kid's meal) and Mimi's Café Merit Award (receive a free kid's meal).

Company Matching Donations

Some companies will match (1:1 or more) a donation given to non-profit organizations. Acaciawood, as a non-profit school, falls into this category. Please contact the AWS office or Grace Kuai if you need a copy of the AWS Tax ID. (

Book Fair

PSG conducts one annual book fair. Profits are directed back to purchases of new books for the Accelerated Reading Program. This event may also be held in conjunction with a "Family Night Out."

Family Nights Out

These "dining for dollar" events are held periodically throughout the school year at local eateries where a percentage of the profits are donated to the PSG.


Donations are sometimes obtained from local businesses (such as printing for the monthly newsletter or a computer from Walmart). PSG would like to work in conjunction with more parents to pursue donations for the school.


If you have any fund-raising or school enrichment ideas, please contact the PSG officers at

Also, if you have specialized skills (computer or technology, carpentry, cooking, artistic design, etc) or a heart to serve– we need your help!

We would love help with:

Web-site maintenance

School property – enhancement and maintenance

Music performance props

Hot Lunch Program

Grant writing

Field Trips

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