History and Social Studies

History and Social Studies are a major emphasis in the Acaciawood School junior high curriculum. Junior high students at Acaciawood School take two years of US History. One year covers the early period through the Civil War and the other covers from the Civil War to the present.

In addition, students in both 7th and 8 take the Historical Methods Practicum. In this course, students learn all the steps of historical research by planning, developing, and producing a significant history project that meets the guidelines of the National History Day program. Additionally, students may be assigned smaller projects in areas such as oral history, library science, or term papers to reinforce historical and analytical skills.

8th grade students also take Geography, in which they learn about physical geography, weather and climate, and different cultures.

Acaciawood’s junior high social studies curriculum:

  1. Provides abundant opportunities for exploration and varied experiences related to history, geography and social studies.
  2. Builds a knowledge base in history, geography and social studies.
  3. Develops study skills as they relate to historical and social studies.
  4. Develops skills in historical thinking.
  5. Provides opportunities and training in historical research.
  6. Helps students memorize central historical and geographical facts.

Students are coached in study skills and encouraged to perform additional research on chapter topics. Emphasis is also placed on map skills and memorizing historical and geographical facts to build a solid foundation for more in depth studies later.

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