Junior High

The junior high curriculum is built upon the solid foundation laid in our elementary program. Through our courses of

our students receive a well-rounded program that equips them for our college preparatory high school curriculum.

The junior high years are crucial in developing productive, goal-oriented workers and a our nudeime management which enhances their ability to progress as indccomplishets in study skills and tstd learners. Our junior high teachers trainependent learners. Our junior high classes emphasize higher order thinking skills, research techniques, and writing across the curriculum.

It is our view at AWS that every student is unique and capable of reaching attainable goals. Although we press for high academic standards, we take care of the individual needs. Small class size, caring faculty, weekly homeroom discussions, and positive peer relationships create a nurturing environment that provides stability during these years of growth and change. Our junior high program in its nature and content is a vital link as they mature from being children to young adults. Thus, our students are becoming persons of character and responsible citizens to live out our vision.

Subject 7th grade 8th grade
Reading Reading
Language Arts
Language Arts Language Arts
History and Social Studies
Social Studies 7 Social Studies 8
Math Pre-Algebra Algebra 1
Science 7 Science 8
Historical Methods Practicum

Computer Literacy
Historical Methods Practicum

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