The Spanish curriculum at Acaciawood develops students’ aptitude in speaking, writing, and reading Spanish as well as their general language learning skills. The plan of instruction proceeds generally as follows:

  • In Spanish 1 the students learn basic Spanish syntax and how to converse, read, and write in the present tense.
  • In Spanish 2 the students are introduced to past and future tenses and a greater emphasis is placed on reading and orally communicating more complex thoughts.
  • In Spanish 3 the students will acquire a more advanced and precise oral proficiency than in Spanish 2 and will continue to perfect their use of all verb tenses in written and oral work.
  • In Spanish 4 the students will continue to review all the verb tenses and be able to hold more complex conversations related to issues that touch them personally. In this level, they will also read literary selections of some of the most famous Latin American writers.

Thus, in the Spanish program at Acaciawood students begin by learning the basics of communication and gradually develop into effective communicators in spoken and written Spanish and proficient readers of Spanish.

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