Acaciawood School recognizes the critical role of the physical sciences in preparing its students for the college studies. Many alumni have pursued programs in the sciences and engineering after graduating from the school. The high school sequence covers Biology, Chemistry, Advanced Biology, Advanced Chemistry, and Physics. Each course incorporates comprehensive study of the course material, problem solving, laboratory experimentation, and research projects which include oral presentations. These courses are offered at both the Regular and Honors levels. The plan of instruction proceeds as follows:


This is a two semester course for ninth graders which covers the basis of life, genetics, change and diversity, the moneran, protist, and fungi kingdoms, invertebrate and vertebrate animals, and human biology.


This two semester in-depth laboratory-based science course covers the introduction to chemistry, matter and change, scientific measurement, problem solving in chemistry, atomic structure and the periodic table, chemical names and formulas, chemical quantities, chemical reaction, stoichiometry, states of matter, thermochemistry, behavior of gases, electrons in atoms, chemical periodicity, ionic bonding and ionic compounds, and covalent bonding.

Biological Science and Technology

Under development.


This yearlong laboratory-based science course introduces students to all topics normally presented in the first two semesters of an engineering physics course. Topics covered in depth include kinematics, mechanics, fluid mechanics, wave mechanics, thermodynamics, optics, light, electricity, and magnetism. Relativity, atomic physics, and quantum physics are introduced.

All Acaciawood science courses involve laboratory work that trains students in the application of the scientific method including:

  1. General observation;
  2. Forming hypotheses;
  3. Testing hypotheses through experimentation/ detailed observation; and
  4. Forming objective conclusions.
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