Fine Arts

The Acaciawood High School curriculum includes a one-year course in World Art and Music Appreciation (WAMA) that meets the University of California a-g requirements for Visual and Performing Arts. WAMA also addresses all five component strands of the approved Visual and Performing Arts section of the California State Board of Education Content Standards:

  • Artistic Perception: Processing, analyzing, and responding to sensory information through the language and skills unique to a given art.
  • Creative Expression: Creating, performing, and participating in a given art.
  • Historical and Cultural Context: Understanding historical contributions and cultural dimensions of a given art.
  • Aesthetic Valuing: Responding to, analyzing, and making critical assessments about works of a given art form.
  • Connections, Relationships, and Applications: Connecting and applying what is learned in a given art form to learning in other art forms, subject areas, and careers.
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