The English curriculum at Acaciawood develops student competency in four main areas of Language Arts instruction: grammar skills, vocabulary, writing, and reading.

Study of grammar and vocabulary is carried out through a regular program of review, application, and assessment. The basics of English grammar are studied in detail in the freshman and sophomore year, and application of specific grammar rules are applied and reinforced in the latter two years.

Essay writing skills are developed through frequent writing assignments of various lengths and purposes, including, for example, expository, descriptive, narrative, comparative, and creative writing in the first two years. As students become more accomplished in the basic forms of writing, more detailed kinds of writing are practiced, utilizing persuasion, analysis, cause-to effect reasoning, definition, description of processes, and classification techniques.

The reading curriculum, which incorporates rich and complex texts, divides important works among the four years of high school so that the first year is devoted to: specific themes in literature, (the second year) World literature, (the third year) American literature, and (the fourth year) British literature.

In the high school English program, Acaciawood students become proficient in the Language Arts and gradually develop into competent readers and writers who will be successful in university coursework.

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