Acaciawood School is fundamentally a college prep school and offers a high school core curriculum containing courses that prepares our graduates for university studies. AWS high school students are required to take four years of English, math, lab science, Spanish, and social studies (history/government).

Besides the core courses mentioned above, the students are required to study world art and music appreciation (WAMA) as juniors and seniors, historical methods practicum (National History Day-NHD 5th to 11th grade), and College Preparation (senior elective in lieu of NHD). These requirements meet or exceed the requirements for the state of California and the University of California.

AWS offers a limited number of other classes (“electives") that are not part of the core curriculum in addition to those just mentioned above. These “electives” vary depending on what teachers are available to teach and their areas of expertise. Tenth graders usually take speech or engineering design graphics. In recent years, ninth graders have taken journalism or computer repair as electives, and advanced computer applications (extensive website design).

Beginning in the 2004-05 school year, the school recognized that the standard core curriculum did not fit the needs of all students. Therefore, an alternative program was established and authorized by the board of trustees that allows students to take other classes in lieu of the standard AWS courses. These courses are electives according to the classic definition and include a wide variety of courses.

A process is required for students to enroll in an alternative track. First, a consultation meeting with administration, parents, student, and teachers are required, then the student can take a number of other classes as electives. The elective courses are those offered by on-line course providers, classes at community college, and classes offered by the regional occupation program (ROP). Our students have taken electives from Brigham Young University, University of Nebraska, University of Oklahoma, and Cyber High (Fresno County Dept. of Education).

Grades for these electives are not factored into the AWS grade point averages. Grades are sent directly from the educational institution to the AWS registrar. The grades will appear in the official transcript that is sent from AWS to another college or university.

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