High School

The high school program at Acaciawood School is a college-preparatory curriculum in line with the A-G subject area requirements for admission to the University of California. The A-G requirements are intended to give students the background needed to succeed in the first year program at a UC school. These subjects are:

Across the board, our standard curriculum meets or exceeds the UC requirements. We offer four years of English, History, Lab Science, Math, and Spanish. In addition we offer electives in computer skills, historical methods, and fine arts. In some cases students are allowed to enroll in accredited online courses, junior college courses, and the Regional Occupational Program.

Most of our high school core curriculum courses are offered both at the Regular and Honors level. Subjects with honors levels include Math, English, History, Science, and Spanish. As part of our preparation of students to attend college, each year students participate in a College Visitation Day.

The high school also recognizes and accommodates the needs of English Language Learners (ELL). We offer tutoring in English as well as mainstreaming in Regular courses.

The high school program includes the offering and proctoring of all standardized tests that are recognized and accepted for college admission. These include PSAT, SAT, AP, and ACT tests. Additionally we regular test our students with nationally recognized math exams, as well as conducting annual Stanford 9 testing.

Extracurricular opportunities for high school students include:

The following is a year by year breakdown of the basic high school curriculum (an "H" indicates that the course has an Honors section available):

9th grade
10th grade
11th grade
12th grade
English English 9/10 1st year (H)

English 9/10 2nd year (H)
English 11/12 1st year (H)

English 11/12 2nd year (H)
History and Social Studies World History 9/10 (H)
US Government (H)

US History (H)
Math Algebra 2 (H) Pre-Calculus (H) Pre-Calculus 3 / Calculus 1 Calculus
Science Biology Chemistry 1/2 (H) Biological Science and Technology Physics (H)
Foreign Language Spanish 1 (H) Spanish 2 (H) Spanish 3 Spanish 4
Elective 1
(2 days/wk.)
Historical Methods Practicum College Prep
Elective 2
(3 days/wk.)
Health Speech World Art and Music Appreciation
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