Study Habits & Citizenship

Becoming persons of character

Our vision statement and philosophy clearly state our school’s purpose. To complement our academic curriculum we endeavor to instill the values of proper character into our youngest students. We accomplish this in three ways: we inspire our elementary students with stories, biographies, fables and other readings which highlight character and virtue in order to shape their conscience for years to come; we strive to encourage our young students to live purposeful lives by giving them opportunities to learn the cycle of “goal setting—hard work—success”; and we provide a systematic and comprehensive study skills program to foster independence and responsibility. In order to carry out our motto, “Strong in Character, High in Standard,” the following components make up our character curriculum:

  • Daily assemblies known as “Morning Meeting” and/or “Half-Time Huddle”
  • Inspirational readings
  • Journal writing
  • Goal ssetting and time management
  • Organizational skills
  • Homework with Homework Hall of Fame
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