Reading Program

Developing an avid reader

The goal of reading instruction is not merely to teach children how to read. It is also to make them avid readers. The most important task is to immerse a child in good literature. Children who are introduced to a stimulating literary environment learn to read early, learn to love books, and read to learn. Research and experience have taught us that children who are involved in an atmosphere of reading almost invariably become readers themselves and develop a habit of reading. At Acaciawood we nurture this atmosphere of reading and this literature immersion process through a well-rounded reading program of both non-fiction and fiction with the following components:

  • Instructional reading using research-based strategies for proficiency
  • Independent reading and maintaining a reading record chart
  • Reading aloud to the young students
  • Comprehension skill building
  • Literature extension activities (book reports, dioramas, puppets, etc.)
  • Critical thinking skills with the Jr. Great Books program
  • Reading units for diversity with class books on varied topics (poetry, folktales, biographies, fantasy, mysteries, etc.)
  • Oral reports
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