Science 7 and 8

Brief Course Description

In the junior high science class we cover earth science and physical science in a thoroughly. Students will learn and understand various concepts and facts about how things work around us. We will cover topics including astronomy, hydrology, geology, meteorology, and oceanography for the earth science. For physical science, we will cover basic chemistry which involves the study of what substances are made of and how they change and combine. We will also cover physics and study forms of energy and the laws of motions.

Course Goals and/or Major Student Outcome:

  • Student will be able to think critically and ask good scientific questions.
  • Students will demonstrate a thorough understanding of the scientific method
  • Student will demonstrate the ability to solve problems and think critically by completing group and individual projects and assignments effectively.

Course Objectives

  • Students will demonstrate basic understanding of how natural phenomena occur such as what cause the four seasonds, day and night, hydrologic cycle, high tide and low tide, hurricanes, earthquakes etc.
  • Students will demonstrate a thorough understanding of the scientific method by competing in the school and Orange County Science Fair
  • Students will prepare written research reports showing the ability to apply scientific method to solutions of problems.

Key Assignments

  • Major project after or during each unit
  • Lab and experiment reports/write ups
  • Presentations from students
  • Chapter exams and quizzes
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