The reading program contains three vital goals upon which instruction is based.

  1. Students will learn to read.
    Students continue their reading experiences from the elementary grades in all types of reading including the newspaper, magazines, primary sources, textbooks, poetry, and non-fiction books.
  2. Students will read to learn.
    Students continue the training and reading experience from grade six by exploring a variety of topics and sources that go hand in hand with the social studies and science text. They also explore a topic of interest in depth by using a variety of reading material.
  3. Students will read for enjoyment.
    As student experience all types of literature they increase their love of reading and cultivate their reading taste. Each literature unit has a particular focus which can render unique growth experiences to the reader. Students will read biographies, historical fiction, realistic fiction, folktales, traditional literature, fantasy, poetry, classics, books by great authors, and books containing enduring theses. This rich experience will render them intellectual stimulation and challenge, an appreciation for the craft of master writers, a working knowledge of all elements of a story, inspiration from the lives and experiences of characters portrayed, vicarious experiences of places and times, and increased empathy and understanding for all aspects of the human experience.

Special attention is given to development students' comprehension skills, including interpretation, application, analysis, synthesis, and evaluation.

Reading Materials for 7th Grade:

  • A Wrinkle in Time—Madeleine L’Engle
  • Poetry—instruction in literary devices such as alliteration, similes and metaphors
  • Fantasy—theme study of good vs. evil and human quests
  • Norse Mythology
  • Biography—correlating with social studies curriculum and/or Christian history
  • World Historical Fiction—including Holocaust
  • Short Stories
  • Realistic and Historical Fiction by Award Winning Authors—Gary Paulson, Katherine Paterson, Paula Fox, Irene Hunt
  • Death Be Not Proud—John Gunther
  • The Pearl/The Red Pony—John Steinbeck
  • Classics
  • Non-fiction reading—maps, instructional manual, primary sources, magazines
  • Jr. Great Book Series—shared inquiry and discussion

Reading Materials for 8th Grade:

  • Historical Fiction and Historical Diaries—American historical context to correlate with social studies curriculum throughout the year
  • The Light in the Forest—Conrad Tichter
  • Johnny Tremain
  • Poetry and Ballads
  • Huckleberry Fin—Mark Twain
  • The Devil and Daniel Webster—Stephen Vincent
  • Dicey’s Song—Cynthia Voigt
  • The Pigman—Paul Sindel
  • Call of the Wild—Jack London
  • To Kill A Mockingbird—Harper Lee
  • Animal Farm—George Orwell
  • Non-fiction reading—maps, instructional manual, primary sources, magazines
  • Jr. Great Book Series—shared inquiry and discussion
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