Language Arts


The goal of the language arts program is training students to become writers. All other components of language arts support this training. Research and experience have proven that students learn to write by writing. Therefore, the focus of the Acaciawood School writing program in the junior high grades is to have students write complete essays weekly. They model and learn the steps in writing narrative, descriptive and expository compositions until the process becomes habitual. In addition, students will learn writing skills in form, style, structure, vocabulary usage, sentence development and paragraph usage. These skills are incorporated into the writing process more and more as students write weekly. It is our belief that by focusing on the writing process the student develops an overall appreciation for good writing and learns to use the various writing skills within the complete composition. Complete essays are the goal; the individual writing skills support that goal.

Students receive training to develop skills in:

  1. Four forms of composition.
  2. Grammar, mechanics, and word usage.
  3. Paragraph development, sentence structure, etc.
  4. Vocabulary.
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