Algebra 1

Honors Section Available: No

Brief Course Description:

Algebra 1 will cover the fundamentals of beginning algebra and give a basic introduction to geometry. The students will gain an understanding of the topics of algebra with an emphasis on problem solving.

Course Objectives:

Students will master problems which involve real numbers, variables, equations, factoring polynomials, applying fractions, linear equations and systems, functions, inequalities, rational and irrational numbers, and quadratic functions. In addition, the students are required daily to do a page of 60 basic math facts in 60 seconds, re-working a particular page in subsequent days until 100% accuracy in 1 minute is achieved.

Key Assignments:

Mastery of content will be assessed through daily problem solving assignments, class participation, weekly tests of cumulative material, section reviews and tests, semester cumulative exams and a comprehensive final exam with emphasis on most recent material covered.


An “A” in seventh grade math and teacher recommendation; or a passing grade in Pre-Algebra.

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