U.S. History

Honors Section Available: Yes

Brief Course Description:

This course covers American history from its beginnings in European colonization to the present day.

Course Goals and/or Major Student Outcomes:

Course Objectives:

The curriculum is designed to: build an extensive knowledge base in American history and geography, help students master a wide variety of study skills which will enable the students to glean the appropriate information from the course material, help students solidify and structure their knowledge through writing fact-based essays, provide opportunities and training in historical research, encourage students to discuss/debate historical issues.

Key Assignments:

Daily assignments focusing on historical facts in which students create graphic organizers such as charts, tables, timelines and outlines; essays which present factual, well-structured information; research projects which assess the use of research materials, bibliographies, writing style and structure, oral and/or visual presentation; tests which assess mastery of historical facts; and classroom discussion of historical topics. A comprehensive exam is given at the end of each semester.

Honors—English proficiency; World History; 87% or higher in previous history course; teacher recommendation; transfer students should have a 3.5 GPA from their previous school.
Regular—English proficiency; World History.

How the honors course is different from the standard course:

Compared to students in a non-honors US History course, honors students are given additional homework assignments; they are required to utilize more sources and a wider variety of sources for their research projects; they are also given additional research questions and have additional essay questions on tests. These components which go beyond the requirements for non-honors students are geared to help the students develop a more critical and thoughtful view of history, to teach them how to analyze and evaluate historical events and present their work clearly and logically in written and oral form.

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