Honors Section Available: No

Brief Course Description

Speech is a three day per week, one year course. Its primary aim is to teach students practical public speaking skills, particularly in the development and presentation of speeches.

Course Goals and/or Major Student Outcomes

Students will develop:

  • Analytical and research skills through the development of speeches from concept to delivery.
  • Confidence in making presentations.

Course Objectives

Students will learn:

  • How to select topics, plan, research, organize, and deliver speeches.
  • Rhetorical techniques and methods of persuasion.
  • Strategies for working effectively in small groups.
  • The basics of competitive debate.

Key Assignments

  1. Students will complete a series of worksheets for brainstorming ideas for topics, planning the structure of a speech, developing the introduction and conclusion, etc.
  2. Students will give a series of speeches-informative, interpretive reading, persuasive, commemorative.
  3. Students will regularly complete worksheets to reinforce the main concepts being covered in the class.
  4. Students will participate in a small-scale policy issue debate.
  5. Each unit will end with a quiz over the major concepts.



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