Spanish 4

Honors Section Available: No

Brief Course Description:

This course is for the fourth year high school Spanish student. The primary text that will be used is "Encuentros Maravillosos." Communicative competence will continue to be the emphasis. The students will learn to use more complex grammar structures both in oral and in written communication and at the same time get acquainted with the life and work of some of the most loved Hispanic writers.

Course Goals/ Major Outcomes:

  • Instill in students a love of modern Hispanic literature.
  • Get acquainted with the life and work of some of the best and loved Hispanic writers.
  • Learn to communicate more effectively both in written and oral form.
  • Learn more complex grammatical structures.
  • Develop a higher level of comprehension of the Spanish spoken language.


  • The students will read literary selections of some of the most famous Latin American writers.
  • The students will read/research about the life and work of these Latin American writers.
  • The students will learn to respond to issues that touch them personally and be able to express their opinions and tell about their own relevant experiences.
  • The students will weekly watch and summarize an episode of a series called "Destinos" that is designed for Spanish high school students.
  • The students will regularly complete grammar worksheets as well as write essays on topics of their interest.
  • The students will have many opportunities to participate in oral discussions as well as to make oral presentations on a given topic.

Key Assignments:

The students will have to regularly complete grammar worksheets and write short topical essays. Occasionally they will be assigned some reading material. About every two to three weeks they will be assigned projects, which will mainly consist on an oral presentation that may require them to prepare audio visuals, and props. During this course we will cover approximately eight units. There will be several quizzes for every unit and a test at the end of the unit. There will also be a midterm and final exam.

Course Prerequisites:

Spanish 3

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