Spanish 3

Honors Section Available: No

Brief Course Description

This course is designed for the third year level high school Spanish student. The primary text that will be used is "Juntos Tres"/ Juntos is a multi-media, three level Spanish program which consists of ten thematic chapters per level. This level will continue the emphasis on the communicative competence established in Levels One and Two.

Course Goal/Major Outcomes:

  • Continue building communicative competence established in levels One and Two.
  • Learn useful vocabulary and structures related to everyday settings and situations.
  • Use of appropriate language in a wide range of situations.
  • Gain understanding and appreciation of the diversity of the many cultures of the Spanish speaking people.
  • Continue to perfect the use of all verb tenses in written and oral work.
  • Complex composition will be stressed in order to learn proper sentence and paragraph construction, developing into essay writing.


  • The students will participate in class in a variety of oral exercises on topic of their interest.
  • The students will read material that presents varied aspects of the Hispanic countries life and culture.
  • The students will have listening exercises that will continue to develop and their listening skills.
  • The students will be assigned useful written exercises that will help them reinforce the program's communicative and cultural objectives.
  • The students will view once a week an episode of a series called "Destinos" that is specially designed for the Spanish high school student, and will write summary essays.
  • The students will make oral presentations on a given topic.

Key Assignments:

The students will have to regularly complete a variety of written exercises from the Activity Book. Some classes will be devoted to reading. About every two to three weeks they will be assigned projects, which will mainly consist on an oral presentation that may require them to prepare audio visuals and props. During this course we will cover ten units. There will be several quizzes for every unit and a test at the end of the unit. Also, there will be a midterm and final exam.

Course Prerequisites

Spanish 2

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