Spanish 2

Honors Section Available: Yes

Brief Course Description:

In this course students will be introduced to more complex grammar and syntax in order to improve their ability to communicate. Students will also receive and introduction to Spanish and Latin American history and culture. Although not comprehensive, this introduction will help the students appreciate the connection between language and culture.

Course Goals and/or Major Student Outcomes:

Student will add upon their base knowledge attained in Spanish I; their spoken conversations should be more attuned to a higher level of complex verbal constructions; oral proficiency should become more elevated with more preciseness than in Spanish I; students will be able to speak Spanish in such a way to hold a relatively simple, meaningful conversation with a native speaker.

Class time will emphasize speaking Spanish during most of the class time so students will have ample practice hearing, repeating and generating more complex Spanish conversation.

Students will be able to master more complex Imperfect, Preterite, Subjunctive, and future tense verb structures. More work with composition will be stressed so students may learn proper sentence and paragraph construction. Students will be introduced to Hispanic literature to enhance their Spanish literary skills. Students will read selected short stories and improve their literary understanding through discussions of the same.

Course Objectives:

Student will reach a higher level of proficiency in Spanish. This course also completes the students introduction to grammar and syntax. Students will be introduced to Spanish and Latin American literature, history, culture, and film.

Key Assignments:

Students will regularly have graded oral and written drills, memorization, spontaneous conversation (based upon collective vocabulary components), including but not limited to: exercises, quizzes, tests, special memorization, oral expression, poetic readings, and Hispanic literature selections. The course will have semester exams and a final comprehensive exam.


Spanish 1, or an equivalent proficiency.

How the honors course is different from the standard course:

Honors students will be expected to do more reading and writing. Their writing must reflect a high level of critical thinking.

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