Spanish 1

Honors Section Available: Yes

Brief Course Description:

This is an introductory Spanish language course in which we introduce the present tense and basic Spanish syntax. The focus is help the students overcome the “Otherness” of Spanish by giving them much opportunity to speak and communicate meaning fully with a simple vocabulary and a and innovatory basic understanding of grammar and syntax.

Course Goals and/or Major Student Outcomes:

Student will be able to speak Spanish in such a way to be intelligible to a native Spanish speaker. Conversations will be limited to the amount of vocabulary and examples presented in the covered chapters.

Class time will emphasize speaking Spanish during class time so students will have ample practice hearing, repeating and generating basic Spanish conversation.

Students will be able to master simple present tense verb forms, such as -ar, -er, and -ir verbs to help them construct basic sentence patterns, advancing to some complex sentence constructions.

Course Objectives:

The main course objectives are to play a solid foundation of grammar and syntax while helping the students because comfortable communicating meaning fully in Spanish.

Key Assignments:

Students will regularly have graded oral and written drills, memorization, spontaneous conversation (based upon collective vocabulary components), including but not limited to: exercises, quizzes, tests, special memorization, oral expression, poetic readings,, and Hispanic literature selections. The course will have semester exams and a final comprehensive exam.



How the honors course is different from the standard course:

Students will be expected to write more as well as receive and introduction to present subjective in order to learn to communicate of a more example level.

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