College Prep

Honors Section Available: No

Brief Course Description:

This workshop provides seniors an opportunity to research university programs, register for and take standardized tests and placement tests, write admission applications, find financial aid, and prepare for the transition for college. This course will also provide the students class time to prepare for SAT and AP tests; there is also time to study for courses Acaciawood in order for seniors to keep up their grades.

Course Goals and/or Major Student Outcomes:

Students will become familiar with the process of applying to college and meeting all the requirements of the institutions they select for possible admission. Students will also be informed about the process of applying for scholarships and other forms of financial aid Students will also become familiar with the process of reading a course catalog and a class schedule. Students will take the necessary standardized tests for admission and advanced placement.

Course Objectives:

See Above.

Key Assignments:

  1. Complete standardized testing needed for application process.
  2. Research majors offered at desired universities.
  3. Write college admission essays.
  4. Apply to desired universities.
  5. Apply for financial aid.
  6. Take AP tests.
  7. Research course catalog and class schedule for a potential fall course load.


Student must be a senior at Acaciawood.

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