National History Day (NHD)

A major component of the junior high and high school academic program is the school’s participation in National History Day (NHD). The NHD program involves extensive research of a significant topic in history and the development of projects such as historical websites, documentaries, exhibits, live performances, and historical papers. Particular emphasis is placed upon interview, primary source research and development of a diversified bibliography.

Acaciawood's participation in NHD strengthens and supports our Expected Schoolwide Learning Results (ESLRs). Students become accomplished learners by identifying a viable research topic and doing research over the course of the school year. They learn to analyze primary and secondary sources, understand the historical processes of cause and effect, distinguish between fact, bias, and opinion, and place historical events in the larger context of world history.

Students become productive, goal-oriented workers throughout the NHD process by learning time and project management skills and meeting short-term deadlines for the accomplishment of the final NHD project. Students learn to work as a team and learn valuable cooperative skills needed for future work environments.

In addition students are inspired to become persons of character through the models of inspirational historical figures and living participants of history that they interview. Throughout the course of the project, students become informed responsible citizens by reflecting on the triumphs and tragedies of the past.

Acaciawood offers instruction in the NHD process from beginning to end through the Historical Methods class. The NHD program provides an annual competition as an incentive for students to do their best work. Acaciawood annually enters students at the County competition. Winners at that level advance to State and then National competitions. In 2004, fourteen students advanced to the national competition at the University of Maryland. Over the past five years, Acaciawood students have won a total of six awards at the national competition.


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