Language Proficiency

The table below shows the levels and abilities of our students in speaking English and other languages. The number of students who are classified as ELL has increased over the years. These students are mainstreamed into our Regular courses and receive special ELL tutoring. After one year the student will either repeat the course or move on to the next grade level.

Table 5: Language Proficiency of Acaciawood Students in 2005-2006

Language Proficiency Number Percent
English only 26   27%  
Bi-lingual English Proficiency (BLEP) 48   50%  
Spanish 16   16%  
Chinese 21   22%  
Korean 8   8%  
Other 3   3%  
Limited English Proficiency (LEP) 22   23%  
Spanish 2   2%  
Chinese 2   2%  
Korean 18   19%  
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