Advanced and Honors Courses

Acaciawood provides course flexibility for students who experience difficulty in advanced Math and Physics courses, but we do require a minimum of Algebra II/Trigonometry and Chemistry. The percentage of Seniors completing Pre-calculus or Calculus and Physics exceeds 50%.

Percent of Seniors Completing Advanced Math and Science

Year Algebra II/
Pre-calculus Calculus Physics
1998-1999 25%   33%   33%   67%  
2002-2003 100%   100%   67%   92%  
2004-2005 100%   91%   55%   55%  


Our goal is to have a minimum of 80% of our graduates complete Math through Pre-calculus and Science through Physics. To further accommodate students challenged by advanced courses, Acaciawood offers both Honors and Regular levels of High School core courses. We do not have formalized Advanced Placement (AP) courses, although we provide AP self-directed study preparation for interested students in our College Preparatory Workshop course, and we administer the AP tests for those who choose to take them.


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