School History


Acaciawood School was founded and began operations in 1996. The school was the outgrowth of a few years of prayer and planning by a group of homeschooling families and their close knit community. Their longing was that the Lord would raise up a positive environment for developing their children’s characters as well as their academic capabilities. They were concerned about what they saw as a declining standard of morality in the public schools and recognized the potential for leveraging their resources by banding together to provide for their children’s education. From the very beginning Acaciawood has had an unusually high level of parental involvement in the operation and support of the school.



Although Acaciawood draws upon Christian values, we do not incorporate a direct religious component into our curriculum. Rather, we are a college preparatory School with an emphasis on a classical core curriculum that will best prepare our students for the rigors of college study. We draw from the canon of university-recognized classical literature in our Upper School and teach World and U.S. History in a manner that recognizes and respects the beliefs and traditions of all persons. Our curriculum is research-based and corresponds to or exceeds the State of California Standards.

The School began with Grades 7 through 11; it has since expanded to include Grades 2 through 12. Our first graduating class was in 1998. Most of our students have gone on to successful academic careers in college, many being admitted to prestigious institutions around the country, as well as universities in the University of California and California State University systems. In recognition of its achievements and high standards, Acaciawood School received full accreditation from the Western Association of Schools and Colleges in 2000.


Acaciawood was originally housed in an eight-room facility formerly used for childcare. We quickly outgrew that location and moved to our present site in February 2001. We now have a facility that includes:

  • a separate building for the Elementary School,
  • a multi-purpose room (MPR) with a raised stage,
  • a hot-lunch kitchen and snack area,
  • an area designated for a playground,
  • a blacktop area for organized games,
  • a fully equipped Science Laboratory,
  • a computer laboratory with nineteen networked and Internet-connected computers,
  • a library, and
  • an athletic practice facility.

All our classrooms have at least one networked computer with a high-speed Internet connection.


Acaciawood School is in a state of constant development. Beginning in 2004, it began to offer English Language Learner (ELL) immersion programs during the summer and winter breaks. A number of foreign students have since decided to continue their studies at Acaciawood School. The school now includes an ELL program as part of the school year curriculum and has a full-time mentor for its foreign students.

The school also completed an extensive self-study in the 2005-2006 year as a result of its WASC accreditation review. One result of this self-study is a detailed action plan that includes four major areas:

  • Continuing development and formalization of ELL and character curriculum components.
  • Expanding educational support services to improve the learning environment to maximize student achievement.
  • Formalizing areas of the assessment process for the teachers, students, and curriculum.
  • Improving lines of communication among all stakeholders (students, parents, faculty, and administration) to enhance student learning.
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